Thursday, March 16, 2017

Camel in the Rain

There are two things that are 100% facts about this fall/winter season.

1. It has been cloudy and raining like crazy in Seattle 

2. Camel coats are one of the "must haves" of the season

Everywhere I turn I see a camel coat here and a camel coat there and honestly I can't even decide on which one looks better because I love them all! I was in dire need of one, but my options seemed endless!! I didn't want something to break the bank and I didn't want a coat so thick that I can only wear it when its freezing outside. So I made a decision.... I was going to search far and wide for the perfect transitional camel coat. The reason I would recommend something more transitional versus going all in would be the fact that you can get more for your buck! I do NOT have endless money to spend, so finding something that I can take from fall to winter to spring was the best option. Coats like that are way more worth it and you can do so much more with them! Its like an endless amount of playing dress up with one clothing item. This could mean that the coat may be a certain material suede vs wool, or the sleeve length quarter vs full, or even the collar having one vs not. All of these things can make a difference between coats. So go out and try to find one that fits you! 

"Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face that you show the world." 
-Blair Waldorf

Photos by Harley Rae Photography

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