Sunday, March 19, 2017

No Makeup Days

Honestly lazy Sunday's are the best kind of Sunday's.
Those are the kind of days that you can stay as long as you want in bed, binge your favorites on Netflix and even read that book you need to catch up on. But my absolute favorite part of a lazy Sunday is not wearing any makeup. There is just something freeing about having a completely clean face. I am sure all you ladies know what I am talking about! Its an amazing feeling but it doesn't stop there. 

I try to have a "No Makeup" day once a week. Now not only are these days great because I don't have to put makeup on but they are really beneficial for my face! I would honestly recommend EVERYONE (all makeup lovers of course) to try and incorporate a no makeup day once a week. These are days are also great to have your own little at home spa days. I am gonna share with you guys some of my favorite things to use on my no makeup days.

1) Mud masks 


There are two clay masks that I love rotating between on my no makeup days. I use a blue mud mask by Borchese and a charcoal & black sugar mud mask by Freedman. These two are great! The blue mud mask is awesome for helping bring moisture to my face and the charcoal mask is great for making my skin feel smooth. 

2) Peeling mask and Nose Pack

Something else that I enjoy doing on my makeup free days is peel off masks and using a nose strip pack. The peel off masks are great and super easy to use. I love that you can get multiple different types like green tea, milk, and even wine (who wouldn't want some wine on their face haha). On days that I am not going to use a face mask I would use a nose pack to help get rid of those stupid black heads. I mean come on we work so hard on keeping our skin healthy and time and time again those black heads come back! Thats where nose packs do the trick and really help clear those stubborn spots. 

3) Soft Face Wash 

With all of the face masks and nose peels that I have suggested I would recommend not using strong face washes right before bed. Why you might ask? Well there is such a thing as too much. Our faces are very sensitive and if we do too much the opposite effect will happen and we are going to start breaking out again (no fun right)! So using a very soft and light face wash is my go to.

These are some of my favorite things to use! I mean who wouldn't want their own little spa day at home right?! So go ahead and try these out and enjoy your beautiful smooth skin!

"Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life" 
- Renee

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