Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Every Occasion Eye

Lets face it!! We all need that easy eye look that we can use at work, going to the store, hanging with friends and then be able convert it to something else for a special occasion.
I mean come on and easy look that adds a little extra POW, what more could we ask for!  So here is a quick tutorial on how i do my "every occasion eye". 

Products in order of use:

1) MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot: Soft Ochre (used as primer for eye, not in video)
2) MAC Eyeshadow on entire eye: Kid (VLX)
3) MAC Eyeshadow on lid only: Swiss Chocolate (M)
4) MAC Eyeshadow in crease and brow bone: Too-Dle-OO (F)
5) MAC Pencil Liner: Graphblack
6) Lancome Cils Booster XL eyelash primer
7) MAC False Lashes Mascara
8) Not in video but Finish off with a Nude Pink lipstick (i.e. Kylie Cosmetics Candy K)

As you guys can see I really like to use MAC. I have honestly found that MAC makeup works really well with my face and the quality is amazing! But I know this doesn't mean that MAC is for everyone. So this tutorial can easily be done with the products you already have or the colors can be found in the makeup brand you guys enjoy.

I am sorry the video ended abruptly! Unfortunately I can only post a smaller sized video so this will do for now. But if there is anything that you guys would like to see let me to do in another tutorial let me know and I will try to do it. I hope that you guys liked this tutorial and that you found it helpful!

"I believe that all women are pretty without makeup - and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup"
-Bobby Brown 


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