Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Charge of Gold

Imagine... you are having a night out with your girls and you all look on point! You decide to capture a picture of how amazing you all look together
to commemorate the night (you know no pic or it didn't happen haha) so you pull your phone out and it is DEAD. Just like that you are left without a phone (besides the fact that your friends probably have their phone, but go with me on this one). But then you realize that you can charge your phone with your purse and just like that you saved the night and you all take that Insta worthy pic.

Ok, so my story is a little overdramatic haha but really having a phone charging clutch is a life saver! Not only is your contact to society chargeable but you get a cute purse that you can accessorize with! The best part is that you can find this kind of a purse now almost everywhere!! I actually found mine in TJ Maxx for 20$!! So definitely keep your eyes out for some amazing deals on these bags!

Some of my favorite accessories for any color outfit is gold jewelry! There are so many gold necklaces out there now and they are so cute to stack. I would recommend pairing some chokers together with some longer pieces. Plus if you have one piece that has a greater embellishment or is more of a statement piece then wearing simple chains is the best because it still gives you that layered look without taking away from that one piece! Add a gold bracelet/bangles to your wrists and you are ready to go! Now you can truly enjoy your night with a charged phone and some gold touches to your already fabulous outfit! 

"It's that heart of gold, & stardust soul that makes you beautiful." 
-R. M. Broderick 


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