Tuesday, May 2, 2017

No Heat Week

Let's face it...... now a days we do A LOT to our hair. I mean hair styles come and go as well as the way we are styling our hair.
Idk about all of you but I do NOT have naturally straight and curly and wavy and whatever else hair all at the same time, and if you are someone who does well then you are lucky! My hair is wavy but some days decides to be more straight or just a poof ball. So I can end up using a lot of heat on my hair especially during the fall/winter seasons. I have a lot of hair so the natural drying time during the winter is wayyyyyy too long. I mean its Seattle and we are not known for our warm winters where we can just let our hair naturally dry all the time. So after my trip I decided to give my hair a break and use almost no heat (I blowdried my hair to speed up the drying process but thats it). 

The BIGGEST benefit of this is how my hair feels! Imagine that feeling when not wearing any makeup and how rejuvenated our face feels... well thats how my hair feels! The thickness got thicker (I know great used of words there lol) and I felt as though my hair was smoother and shinier as well. Not to mention I am sure my ends were singing the happiest of songs because they finally had a break! But howww did I manage to barely use any heat all week you may be asking.... EASY! I got more creative with other ways to style my hair! I did low and high ponies as well as french braided my hair some nights before to get a wavy look structure to my hair. 

I did not use any specific product on my hair like a mask or something but I do have some of my regular products that I used during this week and will continue on using. I have some of them listed below so you guys can check them out for yourselves. But my biggest take away is that our hair needs a break from time to time as well especially during the winter months! So trying to incorporate a few days to a week each month is going to make all of our hair that much fabulous! 


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