We all start somewhere. Just like a single piece of cloth, or rag you might say, we are simple and starting from square one. But right from the start we take a journey called life and we discover how to become our own fabulous selves. We go from rags to fab!

I am one of those going through life trying to discover my fabulous self. Every journey I take I learn more about myself and about who I want to become. The journey is not a lonely one... thank God! I have a life filled with beautiful people, new experience and legit laugh out loud awkward moments. 

My experiences are what shape me and what shape my style. I started this blog to share (with who-ever wants to listen... hello is somebody there??) my style as well as my experiences throughout life. So as a Seattle blogger I want to show how fashion can be apart of the ordinary life and how it can help make extraordinary moments. 

I hope that someone out there can take this journey with me and hopefully find their own fabulous selves. 


Jelena Aleksov

Photos by Harley Rae Photography

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